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Baby Layette Wholesale - Baby Shower Ideas & Tips

Baby shower parties just got more fun and colorful !

The Laughing Giraffe ® team includes members who are parents who have either thrown Baby Shower parties for their newborns, or have relatives and acquaintances who had their fresh-delivered infants celebrated through these gatherings. Therefore, we understand that you want to create the best, most memorable Baby Shower party for your newborn - so we put together these wonderful ideas to make your Baby Shower party more exciting for everyone!

USE STENCILS - Don't be Shy!

Silkscreen any customized images that party guests can color in like a coloring book. It's always fun to get crazy with the choice of images, but some people seem to prefer to use images that relate to the theme of the party.
This is a great way to get guests having fun to personalize the baby NEWBORN.


  • Use plain white or colored onesies and place a cardboard inside to avoid any leak ink on the back.
  • Use non-toxic decorative non-permanent paints. Hand them out to each guest so they can get creative with different designs.
  • For non-artists, they can sign it and put personal messages in them. It makes for a very special collection of clothes that make for great souvenirs.
  • Try and use all sizes so that baby do not just have 0-3 months but a great wardrobe till 18ths.


This is also a perfect activity for party where kids can participate along with their parents. You can also do this bibs, blanket and t-shirts!

Other ideas for a success and memorable baby shower:
  • A stuffed animal are an inevitable part of baby shower gift-giving. Spice it up by putting a onesie or a t-shirt on the cute animal with a special message and liven up the gift instantly. Not only will it make the gift more fun, but the baby can use the clothes later.
  • Instead of traditional wrapping paper, use a receiving blanket and a safety pin to make gifts extra special
  • Step away from the brown bags. Take a large square of paper or plastic (you can also use plastic bags with tissue paper to add color), place the goodies in the middle, and put inside a onesie, bath gown,  hat, or t-shirt. Tie the top with a colorful bow, and you got a memorable party favor.
  • Using some balloons and baby beanies, place a baby beanie on a balloon with helium in it. Make sure the balloon is the right size for the beanie hat, then draw a face on the balloon to make it look like a baby. This is also something the guests can participate in. You can add a fun twist by placing them in chairs around the table.
  • Use bib as a setting maker. You can decorate them as you like, or simply write the name of an individual and hang it on a chair or place it over their serving plates.
  • Instead of dinner napkins, use bibs or burp clothes. You can also wrap silverware with them, and add a decorative tie. It's a fun way to bring a baby theme to the table, as well as a fun souvenir  for the guests. Personalize it with the date or your favorite work.

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