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Sleep Sack
Baby Wearable Blanket
Step 1
Securely place baby in cozy sleeveless sack wearing a short or long sleeve bodysuit or a cotton coverall on underneath the wearable blanket (depends on baby's temperature).  For baby's safety avoid using with hats or baby beanies, do not overheat baby. Tuck feet in for baby's safety, in the wide footbed. Bottom zipper is located near the feet for easy diaper change!
Step 2
Zip zipper up carefully guarding baby's chin. Let baby sleep warm and cozy all night in a secure sleeping pod , completed guarded against any danger!
  • Wide Foot Bed at Bottom – No Pressure, Comfortable Foot Box for a cozy sleeping experience! 
  • Open ZIPPER from BOTTOM or TOP - Change baby from the bottom without unnecessarily bothering the baby.
  • Chin Guard  - added Baby Comfort from Zipper!
  • Sleeveless Silhouette - Reduces chances of overheating and fits with most clothing styles underneath
  • Wearable sack keeps baby Safe and Snuggly. Securely wrapped, baby sleeps safer in avoiding any crib danger. A must-have for mother and baby to experience safe and sound rest.  When baby rolls over, legs stay safely within the crib in sleeping sack!
  • The perfect sleeping pod for a Warm Night's Sleep.
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