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My Swaddle Blanket™

Step 1

Swaddle instruction

Lay the swaddle blanket on a flat surface with the wide foot pocket at the bottom. Place baby between arm flaps with tops of shoulders slightly above the top of swaddle wrap with legs in the foot pocket.

Step 2

Swaddle instructions2

Fold wrapping flap adjacent to slit over the outside of baby's arms. Tuck arm flap through slit opening and wrap snuggly around baby twice, always safely below baby's neck.

Step 3

Swaddel instructions3

Pull remaining wrapping flap over the top and wrap tightly until the baby fits SNUG (usually twice). The swaddler blanket must be pulled securely. Tuck the end of the flap behind baby’s back

Step 4

Swaddling a baby

Tuck wrapping flap into snuggly swaddle blanket. Place baby safely on back to sleep!


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