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Wholsale Baby & Toddler Clothing Manufacturers with CPSIA compliance. Infant blanks clothing supplier.
Private label manufacturing is the answer for ultimate customization and desired quality. However, it is very important to find the right manufacturer to work with for private labeling needs.

  • Our Trusted Brands Since 2000. We are A+ Suppliers to ASI and SAGE distributors of the promotions industry.

At KidsBlanks by Zoe © we take pride in partnering with our private label clients and working towards delivering to market the product that the designer had envisioned. We understand the significance of communication throughout the process, and put all our resources and years of experience to bring out the best possible product. We at KidsBlanks by Zoe  believe that your success is indeed our success, and we make no compromises in delivering the highest quality product in a timely fashion for the best possible prices.

  • Private Label Manufacturing : We work with you closely from initial stages to understand your product needs. We help bring your designs to the marketplace in a timely fashion. We specialize in manufacturing children's garments customized to your needs.

  • New brands. We work with new designers and new brand launches, and have successfully helped bring their products to the market. New designers often have a lot of uncertainties and unknowns and may not even be aware of options and possibilities. We listen carefully and guide them with options available.

  • Minimum order quantity. (MOQ) requirements are the lowest in the industry.

  • Customized product and labels: All components are made to your unique needs so your product has your stamp on it.

  • Commitment to Quality: We are committed to delivering highest quality so your products stand out.

  • Our manufacturing facilities are state of the art, and have high capacity for large volume orders. Factories are located in Viet Nam

  • Quotations We require a physical sample of the item  to accurately quote your important business. Value-added operations (embroidery, screen printing, garment dyeing, packaging, etc.) require detailed artwork, color pantone numbers.

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New Arrivals
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