Baby Swaddle Sack
Swaddle Sleep Sack
Step 1
Dress baby in regular sleepwear. Zip Up to open! Place baby’s arms through armholes, tuck feet in and carefully zip.
Step 2
Fold left swaddle flap over baby’s body. Make sure to tuck below left arm
Step 3
Fold right swaddle flap over baby’s body and secure with velcro. The swaddle wrap should be snug, below baby’s chin and aligned with the baby’s shoulders.
Arms in or Out Style
Can be worn wrapped below one arm or both to help
transition out of the swaddling phase.
  • Open ZIPPER from BOTTOM UP- Change baby from the bottom without unnecessarily bothering the baby.
  • Chin Guard  - added Baby Comfort from Zipper!
  • Velcro Closure - Strong, Easy, Wrapping for an accurate Swaddle
  • Wide Bottom – No Pressure , Comfortable foot box !
  • Longer Sleep Time - Baby will sleep sounder and longer by experiencing the secure feeling of our baby swaddle blanket
  • Reduce Chances of SIDS  - Be careful & keep your baby safe!
  • Tight Fitting - Baby will sleep cozy in secure swaddle wrap feeling like its back in the womb!
  • Calms Baby – Baby can become startled by their own reflexes, secure wrapping keeps them still and calmer
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