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Blankets & Sacks

Swaddle Blankets, Wearable Blankets, Receiving Blankets

blan-ket: noun
1. a long, narrow strip of cloth used for swaddling or bandaging.
2. a large piece of thick cloth for use as a bed covering, animal covering, etc. enabling a person or animal to retain natural body heat.

Newborn Blankets
Newborn Blankets

Swaddle Blankets
Swaddle Blankets

Sleeveless Sleep Sacks
Sleeveless Sleep Sacks

Warm, cozy, wonderful!  When it comes to newborn  and infant baby blankets, we've got Babies well covered!  See our selection in designed  wearable snuggle sacks, swaddle blankets and baby blankets.
New Arrivals
New Arrivals
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Charcoal color
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Black Damask Onesie
Beanies Hats
Tutus Baby
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Types of Fabrics
Laughing Giraffe - 100% Cotton
Laughing Giraffe - 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Laughing Giraffe - 100% Polyester
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